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TopTradePro is a newly launched offshore Forex and CFD brokerage firm offering an abundance of financial products to trade with. It provides an Active8 trading platform with an initial deposit of $250. However, the trading conditions are not specified appropriately.

Is TopTradePro Licensed?

TopTradePro is an unregulated platform allegedly based in the Marshall Islands. It does not hold any legal authorization to facilitate financial service. In addition, the entity operates without any proper regulations.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With TopTradePro?

TopTradePro is another dubious trading platform to hit the dynamic Forex market. It lacks the clarity of information and fails to provide any assurance towards the safety of funds. Investing with such a broker will lead to a loss of capital and time.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By TopTradePro?

TopTradePro has received loads of negative responses from the investors. It has been blacklisted by Austrian FMA. Unfortunately, if you have been scammed by TopTradePro, contact us. We will make sure you get back your funds.

What people say

  • They convinced me multiple times to deposit money in the account to reach bronze status and then I would reach my goals in trading very easy in a short time, I was a novice trader and did not know that they were not regulated. after they sabotaged my active trades they stole my money and closed their email addresses.