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TorOption is a Forex and cryptocurrency broker that offers plenty of financial instruments to trade with. It works on an unfamiliar trading platform and charges a hefty sum of $350  to open an account. Furthermore, the entity fails to disclose relevant information about its trading conditions.

Is TorOption A Licensed Broker?

TorOption is an unregistered trading platform allegedly based in the Marshall Islands. It does not provide any substantial information regarding its regulations or valid legalizations. 

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With TorOption?

TorOption is one of the shady trading platforms in the lucrative market. Its official website has stopped working and most probably out of business. Therefore, it is better to avoid such an unlawful entity while making any investment decision.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By TorOption?

TorOption is a dishonest trading entity. It has been blacklisted by several reputed financial jurisdictions. In case, if you feel crooked by TorOption, reach out to us. Our team of professionals will assist you to retrieve your lost sum.

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