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TradesPrime is an offshore based Forex trading platform offering several financial instruments for trading. It does not share precisely much of its corporate information. The entity allegedly supports the MT4 trading platform and has an initial minimum deposit of $200. Furthermore, the platform lacks proper custom support assistance.

Is TradesPrime Legit?

TradesPrime is an unregulated trading platform operated by  Black Parrot Limited, a company incorporated in the Marshall Islands. The entity fails to disclose any credible evidence regarding its regulations. Hence, the entity seems to be illegitimate and operates with full anonymity.

Should You Invest With TradesPrime?

TradesPrime seems to be similar to another fraud player in the market. It lacks credibility and accountability. The office is down for the time being. Hence, we recommend staying away from such an illegal entity will be beneficial.

How To Recover Your Lost Money From TradesPrime?

TradesPrime has received loads of negative feedback from the investors. It has received a warning from several reputed jurisdictions across the world. In case, if you are a victim of the TradesPrime scam, contact us. We will deliver our best efforts to recover your lost funds.

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