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TradeToro is an unknown CFD brokerage firm predominantly focused on cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2018 and claims to have numerous digital coins for trading. The broker does not support MetaTrader, it works with the simple web-based trading platform. The initial minimum deposit is a staggering €500.

Is TradeToro Regulated?

TradeToro is an offshore based unregulated platform. It does not provide any specific legal address of its operation. Moreover, the entity fails to disclose any information regarding its regulations, and also its legitimacy is a serious concern.

Is It Safe To Invest With TradeToro?

TradeToro is a highly suspicious trading platform. It lacks the clarity of information and accountability. The official site is inaccessible and most probably out of business. Hence, it is better to avoid such an illicit entity for any investment purposes.

What If TradeToro Scams You?

TradeToro is a malicious trading platform and has received mostly negative feedback from the investors. The entity has received a serious warning from the Austrian Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Sadly, if you have any fraud complaints against TradeToro, reach us. We will help you in getting your funds recovered.

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