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Tradorax is a trading broker, which offers services with the Tradorax with their trading platform known as TDorax. They claim to be built by a group of professional brokers. There were no registration or accreditation details available on the website. 

Is Tradeorax Legit?

No, Tradorax is not a registered trading service provider. There were no details on who owned the company or address on the official website. The company had no license to offer financial services from recognized authorities.

Can You Invest In Tradorax?

Tradorax ceased its operations after being filed a lawsuit against them. According to Independent, 'Tradorax' was accused of scamming thousands of dollars from savers by tempting them into fraudulent online trading schemes.

What To do if you have lost your investment in Tradorax?

Tradeorax ceased its operations after being accused of fraudulent activities. Many investors lost their investment with them. If you are a victim, you can contact Funds Recovery to help with the process of reclaiming your investment funds.

What people say

  • made my $350.00 the required deposit and was unable to meet some other requirements so I requested a refund and that was the last I heard from the co. I just happened to find this web site so I wanted to see if I still had any recourse ???