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Trust FX is a European trading service that offers services in stock, cryptocurrency, Forex, and others. Accounts are starting from USD 200 to up to USD 20000. The website claims that it is based in Switzerland.

Is TrustFX Registered?

TrusFX is not registered. To offer financial services in the UK the firm has to be recognized by one of the authorities. In the case of TrustFX, there are no details about any accreditation from recognized organizations or licenses to offer trading services are available.

Is It Safe To Invest With Trust FX?

Based on the account types and plans that are available, there are some dubious claims on returns. Trust FX does not have a license to offer financial services, and the company registration details are unclear. So it is not safe to invest with TrustFX.

What To Do If You Lost Investment In TrustFX?

If you have lost your funds in the TrustFX scam, you can contact us. We will guide through the process of claiming your funds back.

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