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TX Markets is a unique betting site that claims to offer intelligent odds monitors. It primarily focuses on sports betting odds and claims to provide aggregated moves. However, the entity fails to mention fundamental information regarding its operations and how does it operate. No contactable details are available neither any support assistance. The minimum amount for a subscription is generous $250.

Is TX Markets Legit?

TX Markets is an unregulated platform without any legal address. It fails to provide any substantial information regarding regulations.  Furthermore, no data is available on who owns or runs the platform. It looks like the entity operates anonymously without any legal validations.

Is It Safe To Invest With TX Markets?

TX Markets is a highly suspicious platform. It attracts young sports bettors to get a subscription and steal the signup money. Therefore, we recommend not to associate with such an unlawful platform for any sort of investments.

How To Recover Your Lost Money From TX Markets?

TX Markets reviews indicate many shortcomings of the platform. It has received a serious warning from the French financial regulator FMA. Unfortunately, if you have been victimized by TX Markets fraud, connect with us. Our team of experts will help you to recover your lost funds.

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