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UniTrader presents itself as a CFD brokerage firm offering limited financial products for trading. It fails to share some of the fundamental details regarding the platform. Almost little or no information available about the trading condition, platform, leverage ratio, and initial deposit.

Is UniTrader Registered?

UniTrader is an unregulated platform likely to be registered as an offshore trading platform. In addition, the entity fails to provide any information regarding its legal address, regulations, and who is behind the platform. Thus, it seems that the entity lacks legality and operates without authorization.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With UniTrader?

UniTrader's features are identical to a dishonest trading company. It's the official website shows that the site is under construction. Therefore, avoid associating with such a dubious platform for investment purposes.

What To Do When Scammed By UniTrader?

UniTrader's reviews are highly underrated with no sign of positivity even in the future course of actions. Recently, the Italian regulator CONSOB has issued a warning against the entity. In case, if you feel like being scammed by UniTrader, contact us. We will assist you to retrieve your lost funds.

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