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Xmarkets is a trading platform that offers CFD and Forex trading options to customers. The company is run by SG Innovation Ltd in the Marshall Islands. Plans are starting from $ 250, and they use MT4 for trading.

Is Xmarkets Is Registered?

Xmarkets is not legit as it is not licensed to provide trading services in the UK. All firms providing or promoting financial services or products like Forex trading should be authorized by FCA in the UK. Xmarkets is listed under the unauthorized firm list. 

Is It Safe To Invest In Xmarkets?

Xmarkets website is down, and it looks like they are no longer accepting new registrations. Investing in Xmarkets is not appropriate because it is not licensed to offer trading and financial advice. 

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Funds In Xmarkets?

If you are a victim who lost investment in Xmarkets, you can contact Funds Recovery. We will provide you with professional guidance to reclaim your lost money and fight the dispute. 

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